Sway House Collabs with Sillybandz

Sway House Sillybandz Collab

Is Sway really bringing back Sillybandz?! The “Sway Boys’’ ‒ are a group of guys in their teens and twenties that make viral TikTok videos. Noah Beck, Blake Gray, Bryce Hall, Griffin Johnson, and Josh Richards along with Marshall Sandman and Talent X Entertainment execs Michael Gruen and Maxwell Mitcheson, have all invested in the silicone […]

Get to know Robert Croak – Creator & Founder of Sillybandz

Robert J. Croak is a highly recognized entrepreneur due to the wildly successful Sillybandz brand that he created. Robert’s journey started out with his lower-class upbringing in the Eastside of Toledo, Ohio in a broken home. His childhood was turbulent, as the divorce of his parents created a life of instability through his teenage years; […]

Sillybandz Holiday Packs, Rudolph, Stockings, Snowmen & More

Deck your arms with bows of…Sillybandz?! Yes! Did you know that Sillybandz has three unique Holiday Packs?! Back in 2009, in the very early design stages, Sillybandz released its first Holiday Pack. It includes purple angels, orange candy canes, green Christmas trees, red stockings, blue snowmen, and yellow Santa Claus faces. In the beginning, our […]

The Most Popular Sillybandz Packs of All Time

We are curious to know what Sillybandz packs were the most loved and sold around the world. Today we sat down with the creator of Sillybandz, Robert Croak, to ask him what his most popular Sillybandz pack was.
“I wish I could choose just one off the top of my head, but sales were so close for a few… May I choose…

The History & Phenomenon of Sillybandz

Before the creation of Sillybandz, the word “silicone” mustered up ideas of breast augmentations or an industrial rubber-like substance. Society knew silicone as raw material in caulk, medicine, electrical insulation, and maybe even makeup filler; but certainly not as a fashion accessory. Thanks to Robert Croak popularizing…