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The Most Popular Sillybandz Packs of All Time

What were the most popular and most-sold Sillybandz packs of all time?

We were curious to know what Sillybandz packs were the most loved and sold around the world. Today we sat down with the creator of Sillybandz, Robert Croak, to ask him what his most popular Sillybandz pack was.

“I wish I could choose just one off the top of my head, but sales were so close for a few… May I choose a few favorites?” Robert smiled widely.

Of course, we eagerly said “Yes!”

“If I had to choose three, I believe Rock Bandz, Princess, and the Hello Kitty packs sold the most.”

What’s in the Rock Bandz Sillybandz Pack?

This pack rocks out with these awesome shapes: a Mic Stand, a Rocker, Rock Handz, a Guitar, a Drum set, and the word “ROCK!”

What inspired the Rock Bandz pack?

“I love rock n’ roll, and I know the kids do too. Back in 2008, punk rock was pretty popular. I also think it was a great pack not only for boys and girls, but for adults to wear too.”

What’s in the Princess Sillybandz pack?

A Princess, a Diamond Ring, a Glass Slipper, a Castle, a Magic Wand, and a Tiara.

Why did you create a very girly pack?

“In the very beginning, Sillybandz were primary colors, and I wanted to add a feminine pack for the little princesses.”

What’s in the original Hello Kitty Sillybandz Pack?

Hello Kitty’s Head, Hello Kitty Standing, Hello Kitty Sitting, a Bow, an Apple, and the letters HK.

How was creating a pack for one of the world’s most beloved cartoons, Hello Kitty?

“When seeking licenses for the Sillybandz catalog, Hello Kitty was a must. At the time, Hello Kitty was a wildly popular toy and worldwide icon. We hoped the collaboration would be a huge success, and it surely was! It’s an honor to work with brands that are this well-known. It’s a win-win-win, for us, for them, and for the fans!”

So there we have it: the top three, most sold Sillybandz packs in the world – Rock Bandz, Princess, and Hello Kitty! Sillybandz fans of all ages may have gravitated towards these iconic sets, but what was your favorite and most loved pack?

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