Fantasy Sillybandz

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The Fantasy Sillybandz pack of 24 includes Mermaids, Unicorns, Fairies, Dragons, Phoenix, and Genies. The Mermaids and Unicorns even glow in the dark!

Fantasy Sillybandz


Make your favorite storybook fairytale characters come to life with the Fantasy Sillybandz pack. The pack includes fictional characters such as: Mermaids, Fairies, Dragons, Unicorns, Phoenixes, and Genies. The Mermaids and Unicorns even glow in the dark! Make your fantasy a reality today by wearing the most magical Sillybandz of all…The Fantasy pack!

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Weight.8 oz
Dimensions4 × 1 × 3.5 in

2 reviews for Fantasy Sillybandz

  1. Robert J Croak

    Love the shapes and glitter in this pack!

  2. Jasper Lancaster

    Thank you, Silly Bandz! I decided that, in 2020, I will be bringing back Silly Bandz in hopes that I’ll start a bandwagon (a SILLY BAND BAND WAGON) and strike nostalgia in my peers who grew up with Silly Bandz. I ordered one of this pack and one Sponge Bob pack. Shipping took about a week which was much quicker than I was excepting. With the addition of the Silly Bandz I ordered, they threw in two extra packs. As thanks for these extra packs. I will make it my duty to make Silly Bandz a trend again.
    The quality of the Fantasy Pack was amazing. They were flat, easy to identify, colorful, and some were even sparkly. A couple of the packs had bandz that were warped and made identifying them difficult, though I assume the the deformation is due to heat when shipping. Still, they were all colorful and fun and I am very excited to bring them back.

    • rcroak

      Love this Thanks!!!!!!

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