Princess Sillybandz

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Every princess or queen needs the Princess Sillybandz 24 pack that includes a Princess, Diamond Ring, Glass Slipper, Castle, Magic Wand, and Tiara.



Are you a pretty princess, ruling queen, or know someone who is? Then you need the most fabulous Sillybandz in all the land…Princess Sillybandz shapes! This magnificent pack includes: A Princess, Diamond Ring, Glass Slipper,  Castle,  Magic Wand, and Tiara. Add these essential Princess shapes to your Sillybandz collection and you’ll be the “fairest in all the land.” Or get them for your friend worthy of royalty!

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Weight.8 oz
Dimensions4 × 1 × 3.5 in

1 review for Princess Sillybandz

  1. Robert J Croak

    Top selling pack!

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