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Sillybandz Holiday Packs, Rudolph, Stockings, Snowmen & More

Deck your arms with bows of…Sillybandz?! Yes!

Did you know that Sillybandz has three unique Holiday Packs?!

Back in 2009, in the very early design stages, Sillybandz released its first Holiday Pack. It includes purple angels, orange candy canes, green Christmas trees, red stockings, blue snowmen, and yellow Santa Claus faces. In the beginning, our shapes were not as detailed in their structure, but the next year brought even more interesting designs!

In 2010, Sillybandz released the epically detailed Holiday Two pack with significant more details crafted into the bandz. This pack includes six festive designs:  translucent glittery snowflakes, red Santa Claus silhouettes, chartreuse elves, green Christmas trees, blue snowmen, and white turtle doves. Fans went wild and the pack was a hit!

During this same time in 2010, the Rudolph® brand reached out to partner with Sillybandz, so we created a third holiday themed pack, the Rudolph Sillybandz Pack! The classic movie fans were happy to find green Hermey the Elf, blue Yukon Cornerlius, Red Santa, baby blue Sam the Snowman, white Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster, and gold Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Thanks to this licensing deal with Rudolph®, Sillybandz has three holiday-themed packs that are a fun way to accessorize all season long!

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