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Sway House Collabs with Sillybandz

Sway House Sillybandz Collab

Is Sway really bringing back Sillybandz?!

The “Sway Boys’’ ‒ are a group of guys in their teens and twenties that make viral TikTok videos. Noah Beck, Blake Gray, Bryce Hall, Griffin Johnson, and Josh Richards along with Marshall Sandman and Talent X Entertainment execs Michael Gruen and Maxwell Mitcheson, have all invested in the silicone bracelets, Sillybandz. Sillybandz are like rubber-band bracelets, but different — because they are uniquely shaped, made of silicone, come in packs of 24, and are worn as a fashion accessory. Each pack has a unique theme, including animals, holidays, sports, cartoons, celebrities, and pop culture. 

Sway fans are now purchasing Sillybandz to match their favorite TikTok stars, and the creator of the iconic bracelets, Robert Croak, stated, “The entire Sillybandz team and I are so excited to join forces with The Sway House and TalentX in making Sillybandz a worldwide phenomenon again.”

The “Sway Boys” are driven to show off their investment via social media, making TikTok videos, Instagram posts, Triller videos, and Tweets to share the exciting news! Joining forces with the Sillybandz brand is so much more than just an investment, as these bracelets are sentimental to their own childhoods. “When I was in 2nd grade, I used to go to the playground during recess and open up ‘Blake’s Sillybandz shop’ where I would barter for other Sillybandz…Never in a million years did I think I would eventually own a part of the company and be tasked with reviving the brand,” says Sway Boy, Blake Gray.

The Sway LA fans are raving about wearing colorful, nostalgic shapes on their wrists once again because Sillybandz are no longer just for kids — they mean something to people of all ages! The Sway House is thrilled to see their investment flourish as evidence of their “sway” — their true influencer power. According to FoxBusiness News, “The power of social media ‘influencers’ to sell a product that appeared well past its prime will soon be tested in an unusual way.”

The team is posting often wearing Sillybandz and making the comeback a reality. “I’m excited to launch this new partnership with such a personal investment,” Richards said. “I have a great reverence for Silly Bandz and look forward to starting a new chapter for this iconic brand.” Gruen said in a statement, “To us, we are the custodians of a brand that means so much to so many people worldwide and we have not and will not take that sparsely.”

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